Welcome Captain Peter Andrea new CPP Commanding Officer

posted Jan 6, 2017, 4:02 AM by Roger Thomas

The Central Park Precinct Community Council would like to welcome our new Commanding Officer of the Central Park Precinct, Captain Peter Andrea. He is a great guy and we are looking forward to work with him. Attend the next Central Park Precinct Community Council meeting and meet our new Commanding Officer. 

Also we would like to congratulate Deputy Inspector McIntosh on his promotion and his new assignment at 28th precinct and thank you for all you hard work. 

Join the Central Park Precinct Auxiliary Police Unit. APPLY NOW!!!

posted Jun 10, 2015, 5:21 AM by Roger Thomas   [ updated May 9, 2016, 9:02 AM ]

     The Central Park Precinct  Auxiliary Police Unit are recruiting for the position of Auxiliary Police Officers for the Central Park Precinct. This is a great way to volunteer in your community.  If you are interested in joining the Auxiliary Police, contact the CPP Auxiliary Police at 646-355-8106 or 
Classes are held every September and March. APPLY NOW!!!

Contact the Auxiliary Police

New Lane Changes in Central Park

posted May 16, 2013, 2:05 AM by Roger Thomas

Please take a look at the new lane changes in Central Park.


The White House Recognizes and Awards Longtime Volunteer Rafael Castellanos

posted Oct 2, 2012, 4:45 AM by Roger Thomas   [ updated Feb 10, 2014, 5:53 AM ]

    New York, NY January 8, 2013 At the Arsenal Building, headquarters of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, The President of the United States, Barack Obama, in his written remarks which were read to an assembled group  at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Central Park Precinct Community Council attended by many community leaders, as well as NYPD Chief of Manhattan North, William Morris; Inspector Raul Pintos representing Chief of Community Affairs, Philip Banks; Commanding Officer of the Central Park Precinct, Jessica Corey; Central Park Precinct Community Council President, Roger Thomas; members of the Community Council and a very surprised President of the Central Park Medical Unit, Rafael Castellanos. President Obama in his written statement recalled his first Inaugural Address where he stated, “We need a new era of responsibility – a recognition on the part of every American that we have a duty to ourselves, our Nation, and the world.” “These are duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but rather seize gladly, firmly in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit than giving our all to a difficult task.”
The President further wrote, “Thank you for your devotion to service and for doing all you can to shape a better tomorrow for our great Nation.” “Congratulations on receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award and thank you for helping to address the most pressing needs in your community and our country.” President Obama conferred the “President’s Call to Service Award” which is the highest award possible recognizing volunteers for their life time of service.
Rafael Castellanos, President of Central Park Medical Unit, receives the President's Call to Service Award. The award was presented by Roger Thomas, President of the Central Park Precinct Community Council, along with NYPD Chief of Manhattan North, William Morris, and Central Park Precinct Commanding Officer, Captain Jessica Corey.
Rafael Castellanos, President of Central Park Medical Unit, receives the President's Call to Service Award. The award was presented by Roger Thomas, President of the Central Park Precinct Community Council, along with NYPD Chief of Manhattan North, William Morris, and Central Park Precinct Commanding Officer, Captain Jessica Corey.


Rafael Castellanos, who has performed 40 years of volunteer public service, accepted the award on behalf of all the members of the Central Park Medical Unit. CPMU is a diverse group of more than 150 volunteers which not only acts as the frontline emergency medical response for Central Park’s 40 million visitors but in times of crisis responds to citywide disasters. The Medical Unit responds to emergencies in State record time and their expert care is totally free of charge to all the patients it serves. In addition, CPMU acts as a training ground for many future, EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physicians.

For more information on the Central Park Medical Unit please visit


NYC Bicycle Safety Tips

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The New York City Police Department is raising awareness on bicycle safety in New York City and in Central Park. If you would like more information about the Bicycle Saftey Tips, see the photos below or print a copy from our files at the bottom of this page.

Attend the NYPD Citizens Police Academy

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Training Bureau | Police Academy

Citizens Police Academy Program-

The Citizens' Police Academy program was first implemented in 1993 as part of the Department’s ongoing effort to develop a working relationship with the community. This 14-week program is offered 2 times per year: during the Spring and Fall. Participants are nominated by the Commanding Officers of every Precinct, Transit District, and Housing Police Service Area.

Experienced Training Bureau instructors provide training in the legal, social and procedural aspects of policing. In addition to core courses, other areas of study include firearms discipline and counterterrorism. Lectures, electronic media, role-plays, simulations, and workshops are utilized to educate community members about police training and tactics, with the goal of having participants acquire a better understanding of the authority and limitations of the police. The information and insight gained from the program allows all involved to assess their roles and responsibilities in fostering effective and productive police-community partnerships.

Upon graduation, participants are encouraged to participate in the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association which allows for continued involvement and education about the Police Department. The Association also sponsors a community service program.
If you are interested in attending the NYPD Citizens Police Academy please contact the Community Affairs Unit, Central Park Precinct at 212-570-4842 or the Central Park Precinct Community Council, President, Roger Thomas at

NYPD Community Affairs Bureau Crime Prevention Tips

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NYPD Community Affairs Bureau 

Crime Prevention Section 


  Crime Prevention Tips



For the Park Enthusiast

The parks in New York are one of the City's finest assets. They are a great place to go and relax. The tranquility of the parks is rarely disturbed by criminal acts, but the Police Department recommends taking these simple precautions to ensure your safety.
  • Do not take shortcuts or dirt paths through wooded areas. Stay on well-lighted, populated pathways.
  • Remember there is safety in numbers. Always walk or run with a friend. Look into joining a local community running club.
  • Remain alert and aware at all times. Don't wear headphones.
  • Carry your wallet in the side pants pockets or inside jacket pocket. Never carry a wallet in the rear pants pocket.
  • Carry pocketbooks in the bend of the elbow, close to the body. If there is a long strap, wrap it around the bag. If someone should attempt to snatch your purse..... let it go.
  • Don't wear excessive amounts of jewelry or carry large amounts of cash. Divide your money between pockets and handbags.
  • Familiarize yourself with your local park. Know the locations of public phones and police call boxes.
  • Should someone attempt to verbally harass you, just keeping on walking. Responding to this kind of behavior could escalate the situation.
  • Know the locations of stores or businesses which may be open in the vicinity of the park. These locations may be a safe place to go should you feel threatened.
  • Always carry some form of identification, even when running. A label in your clothing will be sufficient if you are not carrying a wallet or handbag. Name and address labels should always be sewn inside the clothing of your children.
  • Closely supervise your children as they play in the park. Instruct them on how to respond to strangers.
  • Report suspicious persons or activities to the local precinct. Remember to dial "911" should you require emergency police or medical service.
  • Should you become the victim of a crime in a park or anywhere , remember the following:

    • Remain as calm as possible. Don't make any quick or sudden movements. Many times the criminal is as nervous as yourself.
    • Don't be a hero. No amount of money or property is worth your life.
    • Be observant. Try to remember as much as possible about the criminal: sex, age, race, clothing, height, weight, etc..
    • Call the police via "911" immediately after the incident. Follow the instructions of the "911" operator and provide all the necessary information.



Some train tips….

 Some train tips…. Cell phones and other electronic devices are prime targets for thieves who remove these devices right from the victim’s hands as the train doors close – leaving you helpless, and without your gadget!


Over 70% of larcenies occur on the train and just under 15% occur on the platform, so for your safety we ask that you try to refrain from using your electronic devices onboard the train or station platforms. 


 Secure your electronic devices on your person and out of plain view. Keep bags closed and zipped/fastened shut.


If you must use your device on the train, do so away from the doors and remain alert – headphones are a signal you are probably distracted.


 Register your iPhone using the “find my iPhone” application, and keep a record of your device’s serial numbers to aid in the reporting of loss or theft.


For more information on preventing theft, or for other crime prevention and personal safety tips visit our website:


  NYPD Community Affairs Bureau
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NYPD Community Affairs Bureau



Quick Links


NYC.GOV | NYPD Online | NYPD Community Affairs




"National Night Out Against Crime 2017"

posted Jul 12, 2012, 2:45 AM by Roger Thomas   [ updated Jan 6, 2017, 3:49 AM ]

The Central Park Precinct, the NYPD Transit District 1 and the Central Park Community Council will be hosting "National Night Out Against Crime 2017" on Tuesday August 1, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm. The location will be at the Maine Monument at the southwest corner of Central Park near 60th Street and Central Park West. If you have any questions contact the Central Park Precinct Community Affairs at 212-570-4842.

Did You Know

posted May 30, 2012, 8:56 AM by Roger Thomas   [ updated Jul 31, 2012, 5:19 AM ]

Central Park was designed in 1858 by Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux and it became the Nation's First Public Park. Between 16 and 20 million people visit the park each year. The park is home to squirrels, birds, fish, rabbits, turtles, frogs and other animals. There are 42 species of birds year round and close to 300 species have been sighted in the park.

The park is made up of 840 acres, 150 acres of water and 690 acres of land. It is 2.5 miles long and .5 miles wide. There are 58 miles of pedestrian paths, 6 miles of vehicle drives and almost 5 miles of bridle paths.

There are over 26, 000 trees, 30 tennis courts, 26 ball fields, two ice skating rinks, and one swimming pool. The Metropolitan Opera schedules two performances every June on the Great Lawn. The Delacorte Theatre has "Shakespeare in the Park" from mid June through the end of August each year. The Central Park Summerstage, located at Rumsey Playground - E. 72 St. and the East Drive, has free performances from June through the beginning of August on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm. The New York Grand Opera has free performances at various times throughout the summer.

Join Central Park Medical Unit

posted Feb 29, 2012, 6:01 PM by Roger Thomas   [ updated Aug 30, 2012, 7:01 AM ]

The Central Park Medical Unit

The Central Park Medical Unit (CPMU) is a unique volunteer ambulance corps providing free emergency medical service in New York City's world famous Central Park.

Over three decades of service

--For more than 36 years, CPMU has been the Central Park community's very own ambulance service. As a premier Emergency Medical Service, CPMU exists to provide life-saving medical assistance and psychological first aid to those in need.

An Unusual Ambulance Corps

--Unlike any other EMS squad in the country. The Central Park Medical Unit is the front-line emergency medical response team for some of the largest and most prestigious events in the world-including the New York City Marathon, the Goodwill Games, Disney Movie premiers in the Park, and the visits of such renowned dignitaries as Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, and Former President Jimmy Carter, just to name a few.

Community safety

--CPMU is also the medical safety net for the sons and daughters of New York City who play and train in the Park. From Pee Wee Soccer to corporate softball teams, runners and skaters, thousands of New Yorkers compete in sports events every weekend. Whether its a sprained ankle sustained in a game of touch football or a serious head injury when a cyclist and rollerblader collide, our dedicated volunteers are there in usually less than 3 minutes to provide expert care and rapid transport to the hospital when needed.

A critical service that is completely FREE

--The Central Park Medical Unit (“CPMU”) is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation. We do not bill our patients or their insurance for the medical treatment or the transportation we provide. These services routinely cost in excess of $840 with a typical ambulance service. Responding to dozens of calls on a daily basis during our hours of operation, many of these calls are true medical emergencies resulting in life saving care -- which represents well in excess of two and a half million dollars in FREE care to the people of New York City.

On call to the larger community in times of crisis

--CPMU is on call to Manhattan’s 1.6 million residents when the City’s Emergency Medical Service system goes into backlog. Located in the center of Manhattan, CPMU is surrounded by a vast array of critical infrastructure all within 6 miles of our primary area of response and within the County of New York. We have been a first responder for major incidents including the 1993 and 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, various mass transit emergencies, the 2003 Blackout and most recently the 2010 Blizzard. When the City's Emergency Medical Service is in backlog, CPMU picks up the overload, responding throughout the City to everything from serious motor vehicle accidents and fires to overdoses and seizures, and everything in between.

Praise from city agencies and the media

--CPMU has been rewarded repeatedly and recognized by the New York City Mayors Office, the New York City Council, the Central Park Community Council, the New York Police Department and key organizations that oversee the Park, for its life saving efforts, and for being a keystone in making Central Park such a secure and enjoyable experience for New Yorkers and tourists. CPMU resources have been captured in innumerable photographs by local, national and international journalists alike that come annually to visit the “Jewel of New York City.”  Due to its unique position of being the only volunteer ambulance corps with open membership, CPMU has been the subject of numerous TV and print news stories. Articles have been seen in the New York Times, New York Daily News and the New York Post as well as segments on CNN, NBC and ABC. CPMU has also made multiple cameo appearances on the hit TV series Law and Order.

Central Park Medical Unit, inc.

Box 440, Gracie Station
New York, NY 10028

For membership inquiries:

If you have received medical care from our volunteers, please drop us a line and tell us how you are doing!

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